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Simple Ways to Stop Overthinking

By Eskanisa R

21 July 2020

These simple steps to help you end overthinking.

Photo source: Pixabay

You might be an over thinker if you often spend much time to think about something excessively. As we explained in the previous article, overthinking might help someone to think best and worst possible part before making a decision.
But, on the other hand, it also has disadvantages which leads to anxiety, insomnia as well as prevent you for doing a lot of things because you are too worried. Therefore, here are simple ways to end overthinking as quoted from vary resources.

1. Awareness
The first step you can stop yourself from overthinking is to be aware, quoted from Tirto. Right after you realize that you are worrying something over and over, clearly understand that those thoughts are not positive to think about. Take control of your own thought. Feel worry less to not playing or using your imagination. 

2. Doing Your Hobby
When you need to rest your imagination, do you hobby or any positive interest you really enjoy, quoted from hellosehat. It could be doing exercise, playing with your pets, listening your favourite music, cooking and other pastime to keep your mind busy in a good positive way.

3. Breathing Exercises
Practitioner of emotional healing and mindfulness, Adjie Santosoputro told over thinker should start to realize importance of breathing, quoted from Kompas. Where (breathing) exercises can be done while doing your daily activities. Hence, to be fully mindful, there are some exercises you can try:
  • Sitting practice: wherever you are sitting on—a chair, a cushion, a sofa—focus on your breathing to help you achieve a sense of presence stillness.
  • Eating practice: whatever you are eating, focus on your breathing and try to eat thoroughly.
  • Walking or moving practice: strolling around while being aware of each step and of your breath.

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