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Simple Ways to Train Your Brain to Become More Positive

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
07, August 2019

Do you believe one of essential keys to happiness is positive think? However, it is not an easy task to train your brain to become more positive. But, these are simple ways you can do every single day to train your brain think more positive.

1. The Subconscious

There is a lot of simple ways to train your subconscious release negative thoughts which prevent yourself from developing, one of them is meditation. During meditation, try to let go all of painful thoughts from the past, negative ones which makes you feel uncomfortable. Let yourself know you can do this, you can through this, this shall too pas and everything is going to be alright. No more blaming you own self. Tell yourself to be confident, to be more optimistic and give your best even facing difficult circumstances.

2. Focus

While negative feelings and thoughts pay you a visit, focus only on the good things. There is always a way to be grateful for any problems, difficulties, barriers you face. Tell yourself “I can do this! I can do that!”, “I will success!” or other positive words to motivate yourself to be stronger person ever to face this life.

3. Acceptance

Also important to train your brain to accept, no more denying things happen in your life. Give yourself time to think mistake you have done. If you already know your mistakes, promise yourself to not doing same mistake afterwards. Tell yourself mistake you have done is a great opportunity to get other good things in life. For example, if you lose your current job, you might have an opportunity to continuing education for your future or even run your own business.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani