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Simple Ways to Use Email for Online Business

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
27, May 2019

Nowadays, seems like everyone has at least one email to do their daily activities, either business, work, school things and many more. Speaking about business, e-mail is one of powerful, simple, easiest weapon to increase brand awareness of your products as well as raising its sales. What kind of e-mail you need to know to make people interest of your business? Here is the answer.

1. Marketing E-mail

Unlike Google or Yahoo e-mail, e-mail marketing is a service to send hundreds even millions messages (e-mail) in only one click. There are several types of e-mail marketing, direct e-mail, retention e-mail and e-mail list from other publishers.

Direct e-mail can be formed in text or links contain promotional messages of your business and send to both prospective yet loyal customers. While retention e-mail is a message (e-mail) you send to your loyal customers and not merely promotional ones, it can be important information or tips to be shared. While advertise your business on other publishers e-mail will help you especially who do not have a lot of e-mail lists to blast the information of your business. Paying an amount of money, other publishers will send your business promotion e-mail to their recipients.

2. Informative

After choosing one of ideal type of e-mail marketing, it is likely list of your recipients will growing. Therefore, make sure if your messages (e-mail) contains of information that customers need. Make them interested to know your business (products) through informative messages (e-mail). Not only promotion, you can send your prospective ones about news hot. Another way to get their attention is attaching links refer to your business information.

3. Blasting Time

It is not recommended to send your prospective and loyal customers a lot of messages in short times. It will lead to spam not their inbox. Make sure you send them in right time, for example you are running pastry or cake business, you can start blast e-mail to them a month before Eid al-Fitr or around November before Christmas.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani