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Skincare Recommendations to Treat Maskne

By Isny Dewi R

25 November 2020

Using a mask for too long actually makes the face prone to acne, or known as Maskne.

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Are you among those who already have to return to WFO or work from the office? Or have you started doing activities outside the home? If so, does your face now get spotty easily because you often use masks? Yes, since a few months ago, the government has obliged people to wear masks if they want to do activities outside the home.
However, using a mask for too long actually makes the face prone to acne, to irritation. This problem is known as Maskne. Even people who previously rarely had acne also experienced it.
The cause can be from using a mask too long. The friction that occurs between the skin and the mask, makes the skin irritated. Especially if the mask has been used for too long, there will be bacteria attached to the mask. In addition, maskne can also arise because the mask material is not friendly to your skin, to the detergent you used to wash your cloth masks.
Then, what should be done to deal with maskne problem? No need to worry, you can try the following skincare products!
1. Olive Young Care Plus Spot Patch (Acne Patch)
As long as we are required to use a mask when leaving the house, acne patch is an important skincare that you must have. After cleansing your face in the morning, put the acne patch on the affected area before using other skincare.
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One of acne patch products that you should try is Olive Young Care Plus Spot Patch. This skincare product sticks perfectly, so it won't open easily if it rubs against the mask. Its ability to deal with acne is also quite capable. In addition, there is also local brand that offer acne patch, one of which is Derma Angel, which you can buy at drugstore.
2.Lacoco Amazonian Charcoal Glow Mask (Clay Mask)
After a day of using a mask, you can do treatment at night using a clay mask to deep clean your pores. One of clay mask products that you can rely on is Lacoco Amazonian Charcoal Glow Mask.
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This local skincare brand is able to clean your face down to the pores, remove blackheads, smooth your skin texture, and absorb excess sebum without drying out your skin. Lacoco Amazonian Charcoal Glow Mask is made from the best ingredients from various countries in the world to give clean and shiny face. This clay mask is also the right choice to detox your face.
Other local clay mask that is no less effective against maskne is Hale Clay Licorice, Green Tea & Charcoal Clay Mask with soothing ingredients.
3. Skin Game Acne Warrior (Spot Treatment)
This local skincare product is currently popular among beauty enthusiasts because of its potency in curing maskne. Before going to bed, you can use Skin Game Acne Warrior. With Calamine, Bentonite, Kaolin, Sulfur, and AHA & BHA as the ingredients, it's no wonder that this spot treatment can treat acne.
Photo source: Instagram @skingameofficial
You can also try Lacoco Dark Spot Essence which contains 5% of Glycolic acid, 1% of Salicylic acid, 2% of Gluconolactone, and 2% of Tranexamic acid. This local skincare can help treat acne and fade scars, especially redness.

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