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Slits, an Intimate Micro Bar at Pelaspas Dharmawangsa

By Isny Dewi R

30 January 2020

Slits offers fresh concept of micro bar accompanied by retro interior essence.

Weekend is in sight, it would be nice for you to welcome them with your close friends while having fun at this intimate bar, Slits. Located on the 2nd floor of Pelaspas Dharmawangsa in South Jakarta, this place was once an underground bar called Up. Then after it was renovated and rebranding, the name was changed to Slits.

Photo Credit: Instagram @beautified_id

Slits offers fresh concept of micro bar accompanied by retro interior essence. The concept is similar to Japanese Izakaya. Not many ornaments adorn the bar in Dharmawangsa, but it is able to present an eclectic atmosphere thanks to the play of colors and light that makes visitors more relaxed. Uniquely, the bar area at Slits is located next to the DJ table.

Photo Credit: Instagram @winanesbitt

One of the personal touches instilled by the founders of Slits can be seen from the names of the drinks. There are two categories of drinks, Lowballs and Cocktails. All the drink names at this bar are inspired by the founder's favorite films or music.

One of the drinks on Lowballs menu that is worth a try is Mr Pink. The name of this gin and lychee-based drink was inspired by the character of Mr. Pink from the film Reservoir Dogs. Mr Pink's of Slits has feminine character, it is the opposite of the original character of Mr. Pink on film. As for Cocktails menu, you can choose No Way Back, OId Boy, Psycho Killer, and others.

Photo Credit: Instagram @sip_sensei

Although the main focus at this bar is alcoholic drink, they also serve a food menu called Booze Sponges, it is kind of snacks such as fries; Cheese Burger Rolls, an oval patty combined with crispy spring roll filled with melted cheese; Jerk Fried Chicken made of jerky chicken; and Shriam Toasties.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @divano.s 

Instagram: @slits.slits.slits

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