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Sophisticated Facilities at Shakti Capsule Jakarta Make You Won’t Go Home

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30, October 2019

Another capsule hotel in Jakarta for backpackers who are concerned with budget without compromising comfort, Shakti Capsule Jakarta. This capsule hotel is a branch of Shakti Capsule Hotel in Bandung. You can find Shakti Capsule Jakarta at Jalan Batu Tulis Raya Number 8 in Gambir, Central Jakarta. If you use Transjakarta, you can get off at Harmoni Bus Stop and continue by walking for only about 10 minutes.

Shakti Capsule Jakarta offers two types of capsule rooms, Single Capsule Room Only with rates starting at Rp 125 thousand, and Double Capsule Room Only at Rp 210 thousand per night. Very cheap, right? You will get an access card to open and close the capsule, while turning on the electricity and the light inside the capsule. Cool!

The capsule size in this hotel is quite extensive. Inside, there are pillow, blanket, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, mineral water, and TV. On the side of the capsule there is a mirror and buttons that can support all your activities while in the capsule. There is also a small safe for storing things.

Photo Source: Instagram @shakticapsulejkt

Do not stop there, inside the capsule also available USB plugs with the choice of "fast" or "slow" charging. On it there are headphones to listen to the sound of TV. Another sophistication is the button to adjust the reading light. There are also buttons to adjust the "Air Fan" and "Sleep Room" to turn off the light, except the light that surround the mirror. The light color around the mirror can also be changed as you wish, like white, blue, purple, and yellow.

Then there is the Door Lock button to open the capsule door from the inside. You don't need to worry about not being able to get out of the capsule if the button suddenly doesn't work, because the capsule door can be opened manually by pressing the iron.

For bathroom, Shakti Capsule Hotel provides four toilets and five shower bathrooms. The shower can be arranged, hot or cold. Each bathroom is equipped with liquid soap which also functions as a shampoo. There is also a sink with a large mirror to simply wash your face or brush your teeth. Everything is guaranteed clean!


Top Photo Source: Instagram @shakticapsulejkt

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.