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A Legendary Soto Ambengan

A Legendary Soto Ambengan

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Soto is an Indonesian dish from Java which is a traditional chicken soup with yellow broth. But, different with Soto Ambengan which has a signature taste. Ambengan itself is an area name in Surabaya. In this area, there are many soto sellers from East Java or Surabaya. After a long time, the name of Soto Ambengan is used just like a brand and already known until outside of Surabaya. The most legendary Soto Ambengan in Ambengan is Soto Ayam Pak Sadi (ASLI) which also has several branches in Jakarta.

One of them is located at Wolter Monginsidi. This Surabaya restaurant offers Soto Ambengan Ayam, Soto Madura, Sate Ayam, Sate Kambing, Rujak Cingur, and also refreshing beverages. The price for one person here is approximately Rp50.000,- including drinks. It is more enjoyable if eaten when it is raining outside. Hmm… delish! No wonder this restaurant sometimes has expatriate guests. Many of them like this Indonesian dish restaurant. Soto Ayam Pak Sadi also has other branches at Harmoni, Kelapa Gading, and Grand Indonesia. Don’t know where to eat? Why don’t you try Soto Ayam Pak Sadi?


Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 28, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.


+6221 72793057

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08.00-22.00 WIB