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The Sensation of Taste and Ambience

The Sensation of Taste and Ambience

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Your dining experience in Indonesia will not be complete if you have not tried soto. Yup, soto is one of the signature dishes in Indonesia. There are so many soto sellers with various types and taste here until the amount seems uncountable. But this soto spot not only sells taste, but also sensation. The name is Depot Soto Gebraak.

Depot Soto Gebraak is different with other soto stalls because of the dining sensation in this stall. You will frequently hear the sound of the seller slamming the table for a sign that the soto is ready to be served to customer’s table. No wonder you will feel a little bit shock while enjoying this original soto dish from East Java.

Although this stall is classified as street food, the place is clean and comfortable. The originality of the soto recipe is a top-notch. With the affordable price (less than Rp30.000,-), you will feel satisfied with the taste of soto with the meat selections of chicken or beef, mixed, or rawon plus the excitement from the slamming sound. Only at Soto Gebraak!


Jl. Tebet Timur Raya No. 54 C, Tebet, Jakarta, Indonesia


+62 21 83795494

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10:00 - 22:00 WIB