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Specifications to Consider Before Buying Google Pixel 5

By Eskanisa R

10 November 2020

Check these specs before buying new phone.

Google was seasoning the world of gadget with newest series, the Pixel 5. 5G network is one of many features Google has equipped to spoil gadget mania. Here are three main specifications you need to consider before purchasing Google Pixel 5.

1. Camera
It cannot be denied camera they offered make people very curious. Based on its shape, it has a hole-punch selfie camera with 8 MP sensor and Night Sight mode as well as two main cameras; 12.2 MP and 16 MP ultrawide to expand your view in significant way, seeing almost as much as your eyes can. Besides, Google also added Potrait Light, Cinematic Pan to give panning effect, and three stabilization modes for smoother video.

2. Bigger RAM
This phone has RAM 8 GB to ensure you run vary applications at once without lagging. The more RAM your phone access to, the easier its job becomes especially for those who like to play games even photo and video editing.

3. IP68 Certificate
Last but not least important is IP68 certificate which indicates this phone is water-resistant enough to up to 1.5 or 2 meters in depth for 30 minutes. As it happens to dustproof, this phone cannot endure beach sands which exposed too much sun. This is just perfect and completely safe as long as no exposure of extreme water or dust.

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