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Spend the Night with the Best Music at Zodiac

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25, April 2019

Behind the many names of music bars in Jakarta, ZODIAC has been present since December last year by offering a more intimate nightlife experience in a pleasant atmosphere. Located in Senopati, South Jakarta, the bar and mini-nightclub is under PLEASURE (a Jakarta-based art, fashion and music group).

Entering the bar you will find a room dominated by bright reds, chairs with leopard patterns, and a bar counter with a wide collection of drinks. By putting forward the fun concept, Zodiac will entertain you with different musical genres every day. Like Tuesday night for jazz, while disco and pop are played on Thursday.

Photo Source: @zodiacjakarta

If weekdays feel softer and ideal for a relaxing drink, party lovers take turn dominating the weekend, dancing until late night. For this reason, ZODIAC has prepared various choices of strict liquor to escort the party. Looking at the list of drinks they have to offer, you may interested in sipping Jasmine Hi, Orange Cassis or Umeshu Soda.

Besides presenting music for fun and tempting drinks, the bar in Senopati also presents elements of fashion and art. You can see it along the entrance which showcases a collection of t-shirts, sweaters, LPs, and dioramas.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.