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Spend Your Leisure Time at Lavva Lounge

By Isny Dewi R

16 January 2020

Lavva Lounge could be the ideal choice to unwind after a day of struggling with work.

Located in one of the most popular destinations in Jakarta, Lavva Lounge could be the ideal choice to unwind after a day of struggling with work. The spacious place will make you able to enjoy your freedom after work.

The atmosphere of the luxury lounge immediately feels when you set foot into Lavva which is on the fourth floor of Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. The staff at the reception desk will guide you and give you two choices. The first choice, take the right direction and enjoy Karaoke TV (KTV) Suites.

Lavva Lounge has three choices of KTV which are distinguished by capacity, ranging from 10 people to 30 people per room. Each room applies a minimum order, starting from Rp. 4 million to Rp. 10 million. But, don't worry! The prices include food and drinks.

Photo Credit: Instagram @lavvalounge

While the second option, take the left and enter the lounge. Before entering, you’ll see Lavva Lounge's alcohol collections. This lounge is equally interesting, because it is equipped with a big 4K LED TV. Dim lighting also makes the atmosphere so relax. In this lounge, live music and DJ performance always entertain visitors every day.

It's not complete when visiting a lounge without enjoying their drinks. Lavva Lounge provides signature cocktails, to a wide collection of gin, vodka, rum, tequilla, and other drinks. In addition, this hangout place in Senayan also offers many whiskeys aged eight to 35 years.

What not many people know is that Lavva Lounge also provides a lot of food menus. Collaborated with a Chef who has worked at one of the leading restaurants in Italy, this luxury lounge is trying to present menu that can be used as great companion to your favorite drink while pampering your palate.

Most of the food menu here is Takashi Ohkawa’s ideas, Lavva Lounge's Head Chef. For Indonesian food, Takashi discussed first with his team to find the right recipe. He did that because Indonesian tastes are quite different from him so he felt he had to know local opinions.

Lavva Lounge itself has been open since 11.00 am, so it can be used as an alternative place for lunch. In fact, the lounge at Plaza Senayan also offers lunch package for Rp. 135,000 which includes free flow of tea or mineral water.

One of Lavva Lounge main courses that you should taste is Linguine Alla Boscaiola. As the name implies, this menu uses linguine as its pasta. Linguine itself is a type of pasta similar to fettuccine and trenette but elliptical in section rather than flat. Linguine Alla Boscaiola is covered in a creamy sauce using porcini cream. Additional champignon gives more value to this menu.

Photo Credit: Instagram @lavvalounge

Or you can also try one of their signature dishes, Nakabara Steak by Chef Takashi Ohkawa. This menu serves you with short ribs marinated, ponzu sauce, sauteed asparagus, and baby carrots.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @lavvalounge

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Lavva Lounge
Level P4 Plaza Senayan, Jl. Asia Afrika No.8, Gelora, Tanahabang, Jakarta Pusat

Open Hours:

Setiap hari: 11.00 – 02.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 021-5790-0041/42, 0822-9999-8080 (WA only)