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Spotify vs YouTube Music, Which One is Better?

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16, January 2020

Digital music service platforms are increasingly popping up, such as Spotify, Joox, and Apple Music. Smartphone users are also now increasingly turning to listen to the music digitally through these services. Seeing that potential, Google didn’t want to lose. The giant technology company recently launched YouTube Music.

Just like Spotify, YouTube Music can also be used for iOS and Android smartphone users. As a newcomer to the world of digital music service, YouTube Music offers several great features. When compared with its competitor, there are some unique features that are not available on YouTube Music, and vice versa. What are the advantages possessed by the two music streaming services. Here goes the review!

Before comparing, Check In Jakarta will provide information about the cost of subscribing to Spotify and YouTube Music. Both of them offer free features, but with limited features. Another case if you subscribe to a premium one, you’ll get all the interesting features offered.

Broadly speaking, the benefits of a premium subscription on both services are almost the same, there’s no advertisements that suddenly appear when you want to listening to music, and users can download songs to be listened to even when they are offline.

The price of premium for both platforms is almost the same. For Spotify, prices for regular package start from Rp.49,990, student package Rp.24,990, and family package Rp.79,000. However, Spotify also offers weekly package at Rp. 16,500. While YouTube Music only provides regular package for Rp 49,000, student package for Rp 24,990, and family package for Rp 75,000, without weekly package.

Even so, Google offers YouTube Premium package where users can simultaneously get access to listening to YouTube Music, with subscription prices starting from Rp. 59,000 for regular, Rp. 34,990 for student, and Rp. 89,000 for family package.

Now switch to home interface,. At a glance, both services have a similar home interface. This home section contains lists of music that has been adjusted to the user's music taste and popular songs or new releases. However, the playlist menu on Spotify home page is more numerous, such as "Recently Played", "Sing-along", "Based on Your Recent Listening", and so on.

However, YouTube Music also has great feature that’s not available on Spotify, it’s that YouTube Music can be played on many devices simultaneously using the same Google account with different songs.

While on Spotify, instead of playing it together, this feature is just like transferring music from your smartphone to your PC or vice versa. The user must choose an option by tapping the "Devices Available" icon in the lower right corner of your PC screen or the lower left corner of your smartphone screen. Then, you can choose want to play song on a PC or mobile. If you are listening on your PC and choose to listen on your smartphone, then music will come out from your smartphone.

Video Feature on YouTube Music

Another advantage that YouTube Music has is its video feature. YouTube, a sharing videos platform, including music videos from millions of musicians around the world, provides nice music video feature. On YouTube Music, in addition to listening to songs in audio format, users can also watch music videos if available.

Interestingly, users can switch between song and video in real-time. So, when you are listening to a song, then switch it to the video, the music video that plays will start at the minute you switch to the video, not playing the video from the beginning.

Even so, Spotify also has interesting feature in the form of short video clip and Behind the Lyrics. The Storyline video presents unique facts behind the making of the song and the meaning of the song's lyrics, as well as some of the song's lyrics.

Both Spotify and YouTube Music Premium provide download option. That way, users can listen to songs offline (without internet connection). Especially for YouTube Music, users can not only download music in audio format, but can also save videos in their smartphone internal and external memory. Unfortunately, the saved video will still be in audio format.

Until now, only Spotify music service has provided podcast feature. According to YouTube Music Product Manager, Brandon Bilinski, YouTube Music is still doing research related to podcast. Because the search engine company also has a separate podcast app called Google Podcast.

Podcast Menu on Spotify

Both Spotify and YouTube Music have their own excellences. It all depends on you, which one do you choose? Or choose both?

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.