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Spots to Eat the Best Toast in Jakarta (Part 2)

By Isny Dewi R

11 November 2020

Recommendation for toast cafes in Jakarta that give abundant toppings.

Photo source: Instagram @rotibakarkemang
Are you craving for toast? Here Check In Jakarta provides recommendation for toast cafes in Jakarta that give abundant toppings. If you want to eat on the spot, don't forget to always comply with applicable health protocols. Or you better order it from home by phone.
1. Roti Bakar Kemang
The cafe that has been around since 2014 can be found on Jalan Ampera Raya No. 5B, in South Jakarta. The rooftop area is on the third floor with ornamental plants around it. Even though it's not too spacious, it's quite cosy to eat delicious toast with friends while enjoying the surrounding view.
Here, you can order toast with a variety of topping choices, some of which are quite popular, like KitKat Green Tea, Koko Krunch, cheese, corned beef, and Nutella. Roti Bakar Kemang also provides other menus that are worth trying, such as fried rice, seafood kwetiaw, fettucini carbonara, and many more. Meanwhile, for drinks, you can order pandan ice coffee, boba Thai tea, or Cookies n Cream Milkshake.
During the transition period, Roti Bakar Kemang can be visited by reserving the place first via WhatsApp number listed below.
Roti Bakar Kemang
Address: Jl. Ampera Raya No. 5B, Pejaten Bar., Ps. Minggu, South Jakarta
Phone: 0811-878-794
Opening hours: Every day 09.00 - 03.00 WIB
Instagram: @rotibakarkemang
2. Dapoer Roti Bakar
The cafe, which was formerly known as Warung Roti Papa, has been established since 2013. Dapoer Roti Bakar provides toast menu with a variety of toppings, ranging from chocolate, ice cream, eggs, to mozzarella. Apart from various fillings and toppings, this cafe in Jakarta also offers various types of bread such as whole wheat bread and black bread made of Sulawesi coffee beans.
Photo source: Instagram
Some of the most favorite toast menus at Dapoer Roti Bakar are Roti Martabak Rainbow Mozarella which contains colorful mozzarella cheese, and Niagara Special Bread with a sprinkling of seven-color fruit-flavored chocolate. Not only abundant, the toast here also looks Instagramable. Apart from toast, this place also provides various noodles and rice. For drinks, you can choose coffee, fresh milk, and fruit juices.
Dapoer Roti Bakar
Address: Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu No. 15C, South Jakarta
No. Phone: 0819-0511-2239
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 01.00 WIB, Saturday & Sunday: 10.00 - 03.00 WIB
3. Warung Nagih
The next place to eat delicious toast in Jakarta is Warung Nagih which you can find in Tendean area, South Jakarta and Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta. Established in 2012, Warung Nagih provides any kind of toast such as french toast, marshmallow toast, Koko Krunch, and many more. Apart from toast, this cafe also provides other menus such as maryam bread, spaghetti, to pizza.
Photo source: Instagram @warungnagih
Warung Nagih
Address: Jl. Captain Tendean No. 41 2, Mampang Prpt., South Jakarta
Opening hours: 16.30 - 01.30 WIB
Instagram: @warungnagih

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