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Having a Cuppa Coffee with Cute Cat

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
06, November 2017

Nowadays, Cipete area becomes popular as hangout place in Jakarta for any coffee lovers. You cannot beat the best feeling of sipping a cup of coffee through the hectic day. While passes through this area, you cannot go wrong, because there is some coffee shops with beautifully delicious coffee, just like SRSLY Coffee. 

At SRSLY Coffee, you can enjoy both delicious coffee and cozy place to spend. Is there any thing more fun than sipping your favourite coffee and surfing at internet with high speed free Wi-Fi?

There is! This famous coffee shop in Cipete area, especially during weekend also offering a bunch light bites, main course and cat. Yes, a cat! A fatty cat named Jack will be there to accompany your free time.

Inside the house-lookalike coffee shop, Jack moves along. If you are lucky enough, through their main door, you can spot Jack stretching his body. Jack also known as Jacky or Njek is SRSLY owner’s cat and his favourite spot to sleep is backyard.

Their coffee bar is the place where pro barista make your coffee. You can choose either indoor or outdoor seating. They provided fluffy sofa and high wooden chair you can enjoy while sipping, eating or just surfing.

Picollo, coffee milk with double ristretoo and less amount of milk than Cappuccino make a strong sensation of coffee is the perfect choice for those milky Espresso lovers. For those non-coffee drinkers, should try they signature Matcha Latte, iced or hot. They provide a bitter flavour of Matcha and hint of sweetness from milk. Everyone can enjoy sipping it, even children.

If you come here with empty stomach, try their main course, like Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Spaghetti will be served with two slices of garlic bread and two mouth-watering fried prawns. The aroma of garlic and black olive oils begin in your nose. In addition, to make it more way beautiful, they also give chili sprinkles and parsley. So, yum!

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani