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Stay at Bobobox Pods, Cheap with No Bother

By Isny Dewi R

07 November 2019

Bobobox is a capsule hotel that emphasizes modern technology, you can order pod via Bobobox website or app.

Travel does not just come, visit tourist attractions, then leave. The real journey is when you can mingle with local people, taste local food, and understand local traditions and culture. That's why Bobobox Pods is here, to offer a different experience for travelers to enjoy the perfect trip. Bobobox connects you, from pod to city.

This capsule hotel in Jakarta puts forward technology and safety. Bobobox can be one of the best ways to enjoy a vacation or business trip. Here, you can listen to music and adjust the color of the lights according to your mood. Your security and privacy are also of their extreme concern because Bobobox uses a QR code system that can only be accessed using the Bobobox app on your smartphone.

With a big enough room and central air conditioner that is cool enough, you can sleep as comfortably as staying in a five-star hotel. In Bobobox, you can also sleep together by choosing a double type pod. You can store luggage in the pod so you don't have to worry about being lost. While your shoes can be stored in special locker that have been provided.

Bobobox is a capsule hotel that emphasizes modern technology. You can order pod via Bobobox website or app. After ordering, you can make automatic payment because Bobobox is already connected with several payment partners.

After completing payment, you will get a QR code on Bobobox app that can be used as an access to entering your pod without having to use a key. With this app, you can also adjust the LED light in the pod as you wish. Very exciting, right?

Photo Source: Instagram @bobobox_id

If you are a fan of coffee, here you can hang out casually or even work, Bobobox provides a special room with qualified Wi-Fi so your activities or work can still run even while on the trip.

The thing that is usually the main concern when staying at a hotel is cleanliness, especially the cleanliness of bathroom and toilet. Dont worry! Bobobox staff always ensure bathroom cleanliness. Although the concept is shared, the bathroom and toilet facilities at this capsule hotel are not inferior to star hotels.

Bobobox Pods is located in a very strategic location, precisely on Jalan Panglima Polim Raya No. 57 - 59 Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta. You can access the Blok M BCA MRT Station or Blok M Transjakarta Bus Stop by foot. The capsule hotel in South Jakarta is also close to a variety of well-known shopping centers, entertainment and culinary centers, and office center.

To stay at this cheap hotel near Blok M MRT Station, you only have to spend starting from Rp 150 thousand per night for single pod, and around Rp 200 thousand for double pod.

Instagram: @bobobox_id

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Bobobox Pods Kebayoran Baru
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