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Stay in Shape While #dirumahaja with These Exercise Equipment

By Eskanisa R

30 March 2020

Make your home workout more fun with these equipment.

Government released prohibition to not leave your home since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic. It probably also has a bad impact with your exercise activities you normally do outdoor or in a fitness center. However, even #dirumahaja, it does not mean you cannot do your regular exercise. You can start getting used to exercise at home like yoga, Zumba or simply sit-ups. To make your exercise at home more enjoyable, make sure you have these equipment.

1. Mattress

One of versatile exercise equipment you can not only use for foothold to keep your balance during yoga, but also as a comfortable prop for sit-ups, push-ups, back-ups, aerobics or even squats.

2. Dumbbell

Dumbbell is a light version of weightlifting you spot in fitness center. It shaped short stick made of iron you can held with one hand. It has various weight, from the lightest 0.5kg to the heaviest 10kg. You can use dumbbell while doing squats and aerobics to make it more fun.

3. Resistance Band

Resistance band is another versatile exercise equipment made of elastic rubber to train strength of your muscles. Level of its elasticity also varies, from low to high. For low elasticity you can use to train strength of your arm muscle, while the higher one can be used to train strength of lower body muscles such as thighs. Stay at home and happy workout!



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