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This Steakhouse Offers Menus for those of You who are #stayathome

By Isny Dewi R

06 October 2020

Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW! provides takeaway service with a variety of interesting menus.

Photo source: Pixabay
In the midst of large-scale social restrictions or PSBB which is reinforced where all dining places are prohibited from opening dine-in service, Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW! innovating by offering some new menus.
"Currently, all of our TKP (outlets) in DKI Jakarta area only serve food orders for takeaway," said Nanda Heraini, Marketing Communication Manager of Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW! quoted from However, for TKPs or Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW! outlets that are in other areas outside Jakarta, continue to serve customers who want to dine in by implementing health protocols.
This steakhouse provides takeaway service with a variety of interesting menus. One of them is rice box menu consisting of Beef Wagyu Ricebox for Rp. 48,000, Beef Stroganoff Ricebox for Rp. 45,000, and Crispy Chicken Ricebox which is priced at Rp. 30,000.
Photo source: Instagram @holycow_id
"Especially for ordering through online motorcycle taxi platform, we also offer 30 percent discount on all steak menus," added Nanda.
Besides the ricebox menu, Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW! also has Make Your Own HOLYCOW! menu, which offers the experience of cooking your own steak at home. This menu can be ordered by WhatsApp or its official e-commerce store.
Make Your Own HOLYCOW! consisting of Holycow Steak Set Wagyu Tenderloin Rp. 166,500, Holycow Steak Set Wagyu Sirloin which is priced at Rp. 166,500, Holycow Steak Set Wagyu Rib Eye Rp. 179,000, Holycow Steak Set Australian Sirloin at Rp. 99,000, and Holycow Steak Set Tenderloin for Rp. 116,000.
Photo source: Instagram @holycow_id
To adding the taste of food, Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW! also provides a choice of 500 ml steak sauce menu including Holycow Barbecue Sauce Rp 55,000, Holycow Blackpepper Sauce Rp 55,000, Holycow's Sauce Rp 60,000, and Holycow Mushroom Sauce which is Rp 60,000.

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