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Steps to Build an Emergency Fund on a Lower Income

By Eskanisa R

14 September 2020

Incidents can happen anywhere, any time.

Photo source: Pixabay

We surely not know what will happen next amid this pandemic. To overcome unwanted things in this difficult phase, try your best to build an emergency fund even with a modest income.

1. Budgeting
First and foremost to push yourself saving money for emergency fund is budgeting. Especially for those who are still working and get monthly payment. You need to prioritize your needs first, essential for living and important. Always do double check to find expenses you can reduce or items that are not essential yet important to purchase.

2. Save Money Every Day
This applies for anyone, those who have daily and monthly income. Plant out how much you need to save every day. Remember, it does not matter how much you can save, but at least you have emergency fund for unpredictable future.

3. Consistent
Build an emergency fund even with a modest income can only be done if you have discipline and consistent. No matter how much you earn, the temptation to spend money on random stuff always hit the floor. Keep in mind that you will get sick or lose your job someday.

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