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Steps to Help Prevent Spread of COVID-19 while Using Public Transportation

By Eskanisa R

26 March 2020

Easy steps to prevent COVID-19 while using public transportation.

Number of infections people with COVID-19 getting worse. Until this article published there were more than 700 people got infected in Indonesia. As we all know, this virus transmitting through droplets come out when infected people with COVID-19 coughing or sneezing.

Those droplets stick to so many objects and surfaces including parts in public transportation such as handrails, chairs, and so forth. For those who still using public transportation, here are steps to help prevent spreading of COVID-19.

1. Keep the Distance

It is highly recommended to practice social distancing for minimum 1 meter distance with other people (passengers), those who are coughing or sneezing pointedly. Because, when people coughing or sneezing, droplets may contains COVID-19 stick to other people or clothing and surfaces around them like phones.

2. Avoiding Touching Your Face

It is difficult to not touch your face, eyes, nose, and mouth pointedly. However, to prevent transmission of COVID-19, you can temporarily use elbows, shoulders, knees or feet to replace task of both hands. For example, after tapping in with e-ticket, you can push iron bar with your knee. However, if you have no choice than using your hands, make sure wrap before you do something, either with jacket or sweater.

3. Wash Your Hands

After get off the train, bus, and other public transportation, go to nearest toilet to wash your hands. Washing your hands regularly with soap and rinse under running water considered more effective to get rid of bacteria than using hand sanitizer. Wash your hands with soap for 15 – 30 seconds to get rid bacteria germs, and dirt.



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