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5 Steps to Launch Your Business on Instagram

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10, April 2017

Whether images or videos, visuals create a huge impact on online audiences. They appeal to people from all walks of life and in various ways, and they stir engagement especially among social media users. That is why Instagram continues to be a huge success. It plays an important part especially if you want a successful digital marketing campaign. Here are 5 guides that will simplify everything you need to know to launch business on Instagram.

1. Create Your Instagram Business Profile
Many business owners tend to skip this very first step. However, updating your profile is essential for Instagram users to get to know a little bit more about your brand. If you don’t have highly creative photos that can be used as your profile picture, you may simply upload your company logo. For account name and username, keep it simple by using your business name. Don’t forget to add your website as well. Finally, beef up your profile with a short bio that easily lets people know what you offer.

2. Expand and Nurture Your Community
Tap into the community that you already have on other social media platforms and promote your Instagram through your email newsletters. Also, remember that when it comes to Instagram, you also need to ensure that the followers you’ve gained will engage with your posts and eventually become your brand ambassadors. Nurture your relationship with them by posting content that will spark their interest or gain their trust.

3. Get Creative and Posting Regularly
Instagram has grown to include videos so take advantage of this feature. For instance, you can go live during a product launch or post videos of your product. Additionally, use the power of storytelling. Create Instagram Stories that show an interesting or entertaining narrative. Offering this kind of content variety can keep your followers wanting more from you, and it helps in building your relationships with them. Don't forget to upload your photos or videos regularly.

4. Offer Exclusive Instagram Discount
If you want to keep your customers engaged and excited about your business, one easy way to do this is to offer Instagram-only discounts. Whether it’s a discount code they can only find on Instagram, or an Instagram giveaway, giving a little can result in a lot!


5. Follow People in Your Niche
Next, start following people in your niche or industry. First, this will give you an opportunity to expand your audience, as many people you follow, will follow you back. Second, this will give you an opportunity to peek at your competition, and learn from the types of posts they make. You can even work together to mutually expand your reach if you’re so inclined—there’s no better way to build a following quickly than by engaging with other influencers.


Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.