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Still Confuse About Room Type in a Hotel? Here Are The Explanations!

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
29, March 2017

Almost every hotel offer variant kind of room type with a different price. There are customer who still confuse to choosing the room when they are going to booked. Are you one of them? In order to avoid confusing circumstence when you are booking a room, make sure you know the info well about the room. Hotels in Indonesia offer variant type of room as the following explanations:

1. Standard
According to its name, this room is the basic room which every hotel have. In general, this type of room has been offering with the cheapest price. Standard room usually has no special view, in fact there are standar room without window! This room have twin or double bed. As for the facility is depend on the hotel classification.

2. Superior
This type of room is often to be misunderstood in hotel business. Superior room is should be better than standard room, either from interior and also the facility. But in reality, many hotels categorize superior room as one level below from standard room.

3. Deluxe
This room is not far different with superior room. A deluxe room must have spacious room, completed with better facility and view rather than superior one. In fact, there are still hotel which placing deluxe room one level below superior room. 

4. Junior Suite
You can know easily that junior suite has bigger space than standar, superior, and deluxe room. It usually has a living room which become one with the bed room. Sometimes, to give more privacy, there is separator between the room and the living room.

5. Suite
A little bit different with junior suite, suite room has a living room seperated with the bed room. And of course it offers more special facility and service to the guest.    

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.