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Strategic Keys For Small Business to Going Global

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23, October 2018

Talking about global reach, it is a dream for most businessman. But, only a few of UMKM products who can compete in global market. Creative products curator, Baskoro Junianto explains, the most thing should be major consideration is the product competitiveness.

Baskoro mentioning a few competitiveness problems for Indonesia’s UMKM. First of all is quality, in this case involving material, expertise, finishing, standard consistency, and packaging. The next problem is price. You don’t have to start with low price, as long as it is worth it for buyers. Then, low production capacities. Besides, Indonesia has biq request from other countries. In China, several small industries united, formed corporation, and export their products. Here are 5 strategic keys for small business in Indonesia to go international!

1. Knowing Your Market
Businessman should know market characteristic they will export their products to. High end products regularly managed of Europe products and mostly they are branded. While low end products, Indonesia generally compete with China and Vietnam. Small business only have to play it in the middle. No need to make your products on big amount, as long as it can growing up the value of products.

2. Match with Global Trend
Buyers interested to buying products that now is happening. As a businessman, you should know what is trending now? So they interested with your products.

3. Be Creative!
It is not a secret anymore that the uniqueness of a product should encourage the market. Buyers think that they should have that product aside its uniqueness, it is also different from other products. Uniqueness can be created by adopting local culture but in contemporary look. That will make a light difference and rarely seen than products from other countries.

4. Communication
Language is only one part of going global. Communication also concern about culture. What is acceptable or beneficial in many countries can be deeply offensive or confusing in other countries. You need to understand your audience before trying to sell to them. This can be done through relationship with your target geography. Learn about local culture through conversation with expats in Indonesia, or better still, visit the countries you are expanding to before you launch. This requires effort and of course cost, but it will pay dividends in the long-term.

5. Limited Edition
Small business in Indonesia can copy strategies from businessman in Europe and America who have their own exclusive products. They just make and sell two or three items for one product. By right publication, it will make your market wondering about your limited edition product. This strategic quiet effective to make your candidate interested to buy your limited edition product than regular products you make on a big amount.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.