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Street Food Dim Sum with Restaurant-make Taste

By Eskanisa R

02 December 2019

Dimsum Mbledos, quality-made restaurant dimsum at affordable prices.

Do you like eat this delicious Hong Kong light bite, Dim Sum? If by any chance you are passing Jalan Radio Dalam, you should come to Dimsum Mbledos with rousing interior design.

Dimsum Mbledos looks different compared to other dimsum stall. It simply because they use a lot of red colours including red lanterns, servant clothes which gives you pleasure. As their slogan implies “Makanan Restoran Dijual Emperan”, they offer various dimsum at affordable prices with quality-made restaurant. Starts from 5pm, you can taste delectable dimsum selections include dimsum (original, crab, and nori ones), chicken feet, hakau (made of Tang Mien flour with fish and shrimp filling), bakpao, spring rolls, dumplings, sushi and kuo tie with chicken, shrimp and vegetables fillings for Rp15.000 per plate.

Besides dimsum, you can also taste warm, delectable Sukiyaki available in two flavours (chicken and tomyam broth) with variety of vegetables like tofu, mushroom and meats like beef and chicken starts from Rp11.000 (depending on colour of the plate). Make sure to put some garlic to your broth selection to make it taste way better and satisfying.



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Dimsum Mbledos
Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 11, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 12170

Open Hours:

17.00 – 00.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 081296050890