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Sunchila Helps You Who Want to Start a Business

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29, October 2019

Another company enliven Indonesia's e-commerce industry, Sunchila. Inaugurated some time ago, Sunchila offers help to the lower middle class people who want to start a business and develop it. This e-commerce company offers a variety of products that are ready to be used by its users for resale at the best price and quality.

Sunchila CEO, Dwi Afrilina said, the advantage of the platform is its service. If there are users who find it difficult to shop or do business, they can directly contact Sunchila staff and later they will immediately be personally assisted.

Users also no need to be confused in buying items, because Sunchila sells items in small quantities and always available. This is very useful for people who want to start a business, because there is no need to bother thinking about what kind of products to sale.

Products on Sunchila Platform are items that have been tested and sold in the market. The products offered consist of various items, from clothes, shoes, cosmetic, accessories, etc. This platform also provides a different promo every week. Starting from discount price of items, free shipping, even cashback to hundreds of thousands.

Currently, Sunchila can be accessed via website and app on smartphone. To buy products in Sunchila, users only need to register via website or app and follow the procedures. Once it successful, users can immediately search and buy the products they want to resell or use it by themselves.

Sunchila is the right solution for people who are want to start their own business but have difficulty in finding products, comparing prices, knowing what products are selling on the market, or confused about starting a business.

Website: www.sunchila.com


Top Photo Source: Instagram @sunchila.id


Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.