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Sundanese Restaurant with Delicious and Fresh Fish Dishes

By Eskanisa R

22 January 2020

Ikan Bakar Cianjur, Sundanese restaurant with delicious, fresh fish dishes.

You can easily find Sundanese Restaurant in Jakarta which offering a lot of delicious, fresh Sundanese dishes like Ikan Bakar Cianjur. Established since 1989 and has many branches including Pecenongan, Ikan Bakar Cianjur ready to pamper any fish dishes enthusiasts with their delicious food.


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More than 30 years pampering those who also love Sundanese dishes, specifically who like fresh fish dishes, Ikan Bakar Cianjur has a lot of sauce selections from sweet and sour to pesmol (unique blend of spicy, sweet, and sour flavours) using only fresh fish and other ingredients.


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Some of recommended menu you should not miss when come to Ikan Bakar Cianjur are nasi liwet (a portion of nasi liwet can be enjoyed for 4 people), pesmol gourami or tilapia with mouth-watering aroma, sayur asem, karedok, lalapan and sambal which freshly made when you order.


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It all costs at affordable prices start from Rp4.000 to Rp110.000 for big portion. Ikan Bakar Cianjur open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. For those who want to taste some of their recommended menu after see the tempting photos above, can stop by one of their branches right after work.



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Ikan Bakar Cianjur
Jl. Batu Tulis Raya No. 39, Pecenongan, Jakarta

Open Hours:

10.00 - 22.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 021 – 3507788