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Supporting Fellow Mother with CERIA Community

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
22, January 2020

Support to be a good parent can be obtained from anywhere, can be from your spouse, parents, family, friends, even other fellow mothers who have no family ties with you. At least that is what a community called CERIA (Story of Mother and Child) wants to do.

According to the founder, Nanan Nuraini or used to called Nunuy, CERIA Community started with the anxiety she felt as a mother. Nunuy, who was married at a young age and already had children at the age of 21, made her begin to feel anxiety. Even though she is a graduate of Psychology, but she still felt uneasy. Until Nunuy decided to ask questions and study by buying parenting books.

Then, on December 11, 2013, Nunuy decided to gather friends via WhatsApp group and she named it CERIA (Mother and Child Story). According to Nunuy, anyone can join this community. The important thing is the age of their child is still under 2 years. But due to the long age of  CERIA Community, there are some mothers whose children are over 2 years old, and they are included in CERIA Community alumni. Mothers who are pregnant may also join this community.

Besides being online, CERIA also has an offline community and has activities, such as holding seminar and training for mothers. As for online, this community often holds WhatsApp lectures on various topics.

For Nunuy, CERIA is not only a name of the community she founded, but also a hope for its members. Hope that every mother whatever their profession can remain cheerful to live their life.

As a community, various opinions will naturally emerge. For this reason, Nunuy made rules to prevent conflicts. One of them is the selection of themes in discussions. All members can share useful information. While what they should not do is share things about politics or other topics that have potential to make conflict.

The mother of two children also hopes that the community she founded can have a good impact on its members, and can continue to help mothers wherever they are, to become support groups that strengthen, motivate, and share.


Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.