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Take a Glance at the Beauty of Sebira Island

By Eskanisa R

03 September 2020

Really worth the long travel!

Photo source: Adhiari_IS

Do you want snorkelling or fishing this weekend? This island would be your ideal choice.  Sebira Island is the outermost island in the northern tip of North Jakarta you can reach for 8 – 9 hours with traditional boat from Muara Kamal or Angke, Jakarta.
Because of the location, this island also known as Jaga Utara Island which is actually closer to Way Kambas, Lampung. Right after you touch down the island, you can easily spot a 48 meter lighthouse, built in Dutch occupation and still stands.

Small fishes including selar, tembang, and mackerel are main commodities at this island, do not be surprised if you find row of poles at the corners to drying the fish (method of food preservation by removing water) before make into vary dishes—shredded, crackers, pempek (fishcake made of fish and tapioca) and siomay (dumpling).
Under the water, you can spot beautiful coral reels and undersea creature. This may not be the best but has no jellyfish and sea urchins which safe for beginner to dive in. As reported from backpackerjakarta, at a 25 meters depth, you can also find shipwreck with a VOC flag.
After diving, you can pamper your eyes with beautiful scenery above the sea, mesmerizing sunset from the top of lighthouse. Be careful when going up the lighthouse. To relax your body during the day, spend Rp400.000 per night to rent resident’s home. 

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