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Take a Look at Beautiful Ria Rio Park in East Jakarta

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
16, August 2018

Ria Rio dam also known as Ria Rio park is raising the roof. This kind of perfect tourist destination for the whole family located in East Jakarta. Here, you can see unique, huge trees called Baobab, comes from Madagascar, Africa. During rainy season, Baobab absorbs and stores water to produce fruit in the dry season.

Baobab became an iconic objects you must see while visiting Ria Rio park. Those trees are also valuable for seasonings and supplements. Its fruit as natural source of health and beauty has dozens benefits include protection against illnesses, diarrhoea, eyes inflammation and anti-aging. 

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After re-greening program, in 2015 Ria Rio park open for public with new concept and face. Ria Rio park was transformed into terracing park to collect excess water. Even this park is not too large, it provides with dozens of bench park also half circle amphitheatre perfect to enjoy beautiful sun goes down.

Like the other parks, Ria Rio is generally busier on weekend to do some exercise, picnic even enjoying beautiful sunset. It also providing free entrance and free Wi-Fi.

You can visit Ria Rio park with your own vehicle or public transportations, such as TransJakarta corridor 10, PPD 43 (Tanjung Priok – Cililitan) or Metromini 03 (Senen – Rawamangun).


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani