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Taman Benyamin Sueb, Betawi Cultural Center in Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

17 October 2019

Taman Benyamin Sueb, home of memorabilia of Benyamin Sueb.

What is the first thing come to your mind while hearing name of legendary Benyamin Sueb? Benyamin Sueb also known as Bang Ben is an actor, comedian, singer also director have more than 75 music albums. He has also starred in more than 53 films including Si Doel Anak Betawi which made his name raising the roof.

During his life, Bang Ben wanted to build Betawi cultural center. Last September in 2018, his dream came true, right after inauguration of Taman Benyamin Sueb by Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan.

Occupying former area of Kodim 0505 in Jatinegara, Taman Benyamin Sueb expected to be a home for all about Betawi art and culture, information center as well as interactive space for any artists and communities in Jakarta.

Inside the main building (museum), there are belongings of Bang Ben which tell you his long career as actor, comedian, singer and director. The items donated to manage by administrator include certificates, tapes, stage costumes, shoes, watches and paintings. Behind the building usually used as location of art exhibitions.

The presence of Taman Benyamin Sueb certainly adds choices of arts and cultural attractions in Jakarta which is perfect to visit during weekend while enjoying delectable culinary around Jatinegara.

You can take commuter line and get off at Jatinegara Station. If you bring your own vehicle, parking area of Taman Benyamin Sueb can accommodate 100 cars and more than 100 motorcycles. Taman Benyamin Sueb is free, hence to keep it clean you need to keep your waste and put in the nearest bin.



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Taman Benyamin Sueb
Jl. Bekasi Timur Raya No. 73 (dekat Stasiun Jatinegara), Jatinegara 13140