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Get to Know Hydroponic Garden While Recreation

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
18, October 2018

Managed by Agriculture and Forestry Service, park located in Jalan Raya Cilangkap has more than 20 hectares with plenty of trees, cool air, far from hectic city life can be enjoyed as an alternative tourist destination for Jakartans.

Cilangkap Eco Tourism Park is equipped with jogging track, children playground also lake usually used as a fishing spot for those who like spend their free time with fishing.

Here, you can enjoy many fun activities, include leisurely strolling, jogging, exercise, try an array of culinary nearby park and see various ornamental and medicinal plants, such as orchids in green houses.

Along with those facilities, Cilangkap Eco Tourism Park also equipped with hydroponic center filled with simple plants, include white flowering cabbage, lettuce, spinach, water spinach and bok choy (Chinese white cabbage). Interestingly, this hydroponic center sell the products to nearest food stalls and supermarkets.

Cilangkap Eco Tourism Park is an ideal destination to be visited by family and friends to exercise, relax or learn how to grow plants. You do not need to pay entrance fee aka free. You only need to pay parking fee if you bring motorcycle or car. If you do not bring vehicle, you can take public transportation, KWK 02, red car, from Cililitan to TMII.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani