Thursday, October 17, 2019

Taman Suropati Chamber, the First Park Music Community in Indonesia

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11, July 2019

Who said that learning music must cost a lot? If you are interested, you can join this one music community. Formed in 2007, Taman Suropati Chamber (TSC) is a music community with the main attention is string instruments such as violin, cello, and others. The community stands on the initiative of a music artist, Ages Dwi Harso or who is usually called Mas Ages. As the name implies, you can find TSC at Suropati Park in Central Jakarta.

If so far there has been a stereotype that playing a musical instrument such as violin or cello is difficult. Apart from expensive cost of taking a music course, it also requires the ability of art to play this type of musical instrument. However, Taman Suropati Chamber has changed that stereotype. TSC is not only a music community, but also a forum for those who want learning string instruments.

TSC itself is divided into several classes, including bibit class, akar class, dahan class, and ranting class. According to Mas Ages, his philosophy is to sow something painstakingly and routinely from seedlings to grow and develop. Taman Suropati Chamber also became the first park music community in Indonesia even in the world. Mas Ages opens the opportunity for anyone who wants to learn music with TSC.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.