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From Japan to Jakarta

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
14, December 2015

Udon is one of the Japanese foods which favorited by Jakarta’s people because of the thick and chewy texture. You can find it in Tamoya Udon, which located at Emporium Mall Pluit. This restaurant is already known in their origin country, precisely in Sanuki. Tamoya has already went the business since 1966 and now they already have 17 branches in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and finally Indonesia!

The menu here vary from many selections of udon such as Niku Udon, Spicy Chicken Udon, Curry Udon, Chicken Teriyaki Udon, Sanuki Beef Udon, and many others. If you want to try other menu, there is also rice menu with the same topping. The food price here starts from Rp35.000,- to Rp60.000,-.

You can also choose variations of fried food which can be the side dish to accompany your udon, such as Prawn Tempura, Kakiage, Dori Katsu, Egg Tempura, and many more. You can get the side dish with the price starts from Rp10.000,- to Rp20.000,-. Uniquely, there is also Squid Ink Udon, where you can taste a black colored udon. Don’t be afraid, because the color comes from squid ink that is absolutely safe to be consumed. Dare to try?


Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono