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Make You Look More Beautiful with Charming Eyelashes in Lashtopia

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09, August 2019

Even years behind name of eyelash extension had faded, people still choose it over fake lashes to make their look more beautiful. For beginners, eyelash extension such a perfect choice to save their time instead of trying hard to put fake lashes with sticky glue on their eyes.

For those who live or may be work in Serpong, there is a perfect salon you should visit to get best eyelash extension at affordable prices. Salon as well as eyelash and brow academy, Lashtopia located at Ruko Golden Road arranged neatly. Warm, pastel colors all around the corner. Before jump to the process, their professional lash technician will ask preference sizes suit your needs.

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For any first-timer, you can choose Natural Classic with more natural look, perfect for people have long eyelashes. 2D Volume comes with more curvy and volume look than Natural Classic.

If your natural eyelashes quite short and straight, you can choose 4D Russian with dense and more curly than 2D Volume. Your eyes will not feel heavy at all, the result still look natural, light and soft while you are touching them. Last but not least is 6D Russian (Glam Volume) for ‘extra’ look.

Lashtopia also provides lash lift & tint. Lash lift itself is a technique to make your natural eyelashes more curvy with keratin. While lash tint aims to make your eyelashes look more black. Do you want to try one of them?

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani