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Taste the Most Delicious Rice Bowl from Bansan

By Isny Dewi R

25 November 2019

Bansan serves Japanese food, influenced by Western culture or known as Yoshoku Food.

Do you prefer practical lunch for your break? Have you ever tried rice bowl at this restaurant? Guaranteed you’ll like it! Just one year old, Bansan has succeeded in capturing many people with their super delicious rice bowl menu. The food outlet which is located quite close to Cipete MRT station is owned by a well-known radio broadcaster in Jakarta, Paquita Genuschka or commonly called Genus and his best friend, Gilang Candraditya.

Bansan will spoil your tongue with Japanese food, influenced by Western culture or known as Yoshoku Food. This concept is embodied by Genus and Gilang in three Bansan mainstay rice bowl menu that you should try, OG Chicken Nanban (Rp. 40,000), Fire Nanban (Rp. 43,000), and Triple Sauce Roast Beef (Rp. 55,000).

OG Chicken Nanban contains small pieces of flour fried chicken covered in brown sauce. Not only that, this menu is also covered with tartar sauce, and sprinkled with leeks and tobiko on it. The chicken slices are savory and sweet. The taste is even more delicious thanks to homemade tartar sauce which is always fresh. If you like spicy food, then you shouldn't miss their Fire Nanban. This spicy menu is quite kicking because it uses gochujang sauce.

As additional information, Chicken Nanban was first created in Miyazaki in 1965 by Yoshimitsu, a worker at a European restaurant called London restaurant. Basically, Chicken Nanban is not food from Japanese restaurant but from a restaurant that serves Western cuisines. After leaving London restaurant, Yoshimitsu was created when he opened his own restaurant by adding tartar sauce.

Photo Credit: Instagram @bansanjkt

Among the three menu of Bansan, Triple Sauce Roast Beef is the most different. This menu contains tenderloin pieces and three special blend of Nanban signature sauces. The tenderloin texture tastes soft. The middle part tastes juicy even though the color is still reddish. Even better when eating it with light sauce, white sauce, and truffle brown sauce, the concoction of the owner.

More interestingly, the rice used in all Bansan menu tastes fluffier with mild savory taste, which apparently comes from furikake on rice. Furikake itself is a mixture of dried fish, sesame seed, seaweed, salt, sugar and food flavoring commonly used in Japan. Bansan is a perfect choice for you who like rice bowl because it is practical but still concerned with the taste.

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