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Taste the Mouthwatering Halal Noodle in Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

05 August 2020

No pork, no lard, still delicious!

Photo source: PÒ Noodle Bar

Calling all noodle enthusiasts! PÒ Noodle Bar made Wijaya area more appealing with their menu and lively ambience. This noodle bar opened their door since 2019 and getting more crowded thanks to the mouthwatering menu and unique decorations to instantly make your Instagram feed better.

Photo source: PÒ Noodle Bar
PÒ Noodle Bar has Hongkong noodle bar ambience which is warm, just like your own home with vintage Asian décor and its China-ware to increase your appetite. Yet, coupled with sizable dragon lantern covering the ceiling, PÒ Noodle Bar more than just a friendly place to enjoy noodles.

Photo source: PÒ Noodle Bar
PÒ Noodle Bar ensures all menu use no pork and lard. For dry noodle, you should try Ja Mian Beef (Rp43.000), use no preservatives and artificial coloring, this noodle taste even more delicious with tender braised brisket and sautéed mushrooms as perfect combo toppings.

Photo source: PÒ Noodle Bar
For soupy noodle, you should try Sui Mian (Rp53.000) with shrimp oil that gives delicious strong aroma and flavors complete with tender braised brisket. PÒ Noodle Bar also cater vegan with their Lu Mian (Rp43.000), rice enthusiasts with brisket (Niurou), short ribs (Di Nuo Rice), and shrimp (Xia) choices guarantee to make you addicted after the first bite. So, see you soon at PÒ Noodle Bar!

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PÒ Noodle Bar
Jl. Prof Joko Sutono No. 7B, Wijaya, Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:

10.00 – 22.00 WIB (weekday), 10.00 – 23.00 WIB (weekend)