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Taste This Legendary yet Delicious Fried Banana in Manggarai

By Eskanisa R

30 July 2019

Delicious fried plaintains in Manggarai.

Are you a sweet fried banana enthusiast? You should come to this place to try sweet yet savoury fried banana. Pisang Goreng Tanduk Mpok Nur located nearby Manggarai train station always packed with long queue every day.

Use a modest building, Mpol Nur sell her fried pisang tanduk (plantains) at 5.30 am until 10 am. It always sold before 10 am, so she open twice a day and sell for second time at 2 pm to 8 pm. Basically, she make simple fried banana, plantains wrapped in flour. She using ripe plantains, jumbo-sized one which has sweet taste, it cut into two pieces then dipped in a mixture of flour and rice flour. In hot oil, it will fried until golden brown and has crispy skin.

The size is quite big, one is enough to get rid your morning hunger and perfect to be enjoyed with a glass of coffee. It also perfect for your afternoon tea. If you do not want to stand in long queue, you can use delivery services from online motorcycle taxi.

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Pisang Goreng Tanduk Mpok Nur
Jl. Manggarai Utara 2 No. 6, Manggarai, Jakarta

Open Hours:

05.30 – 10.00 dan 14.00 – 20.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 021 – 8303478