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Tasting Dutch Coffee at Goedkoop

By Victoria Tunggono

29 February 2016

Tasting Dutch Coffee at Goedkoop

Began from the owner’s love for breakfast and coffee, Goedkoop was established. The coffee parlor is made to serve coffee culture with affordable price so everybody can enjoy it. You can have the Dutch style coffee here. The Dutch ambience is thick in this parlor from the classic furniture style and its interior design.

This is also supported by the menu names in, such as Koffie Latte, Goedkoop Latte, or Koffie Bon Bon. If you want something cold, you can try Silver Queen Goedkoop Frap, which is the frappuccino with the taste of Silver Queen chocolate. Can you imagine the yummy taste? Don’t worry if you are not a coffee lover, because Goedkoop also serves choices of tea, like the Goedkoop Tea which is Javanese tea served with nata de coco. Unique! There are also other flavors such as Lemongrass Tea, Peach Green Tea, Green Tea Latte, and Yakult Green Tea.

Drinking coffee or tea is not complete if not accompanied with food. Goedkoop serves foods that are also have the Dutch touch. There are soup, salad, all-day breakfast, pasta, and Dutch signature dishes such as Poffertjes, Pannekoek, and Bitter Ballen. The Pannekoek or pancake is served in either sweet or savory flavors. For the sweet taste, there are choices of Apple & Homemade Classic Caramel Sauce, Banana & Cheese, Butter & Sugar, and Half & Half that is filled with Beng Beng chocolate bar, chocolate jam, almond, and rice crispy. For the savory choices there are Smoked Beef, Mushroom & Kaas, and Salmon & Cream Cheese. Mmm… Lekker!

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