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Tasting European Cuisine at Monty’s

Tasting European Cuisine at Monty’s

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Comfortable hangout place seems caught people’s attention for sure. Moreover, if the food served is delicious. But not all of the hangout places have a special dish that can make everybody wants to come over again. But Monty’s has their signature menu called Dark Chocolate Whisky. If you love chocolate, you will surely love it. Served with vanilla ice cream, sticky-toffee chocolate pudding, with warm chocolate whisky sauce.

They serve it in unique style. The shape of the Dark Chocolate Whisky is sphere like a ball. And then the warm chocolate whisky sauce is poured onto the dark chocolate until it melts, where you will find the vanilla ice cream and sticky-toffee chocolate pudding inside the sphere. Totally a worth-melting dessert!

Other than the fancy chocolate menu, you can meet other European cuisine such as Smoked Tomato and Pumpkin Soup, Pear and Beetroot Salad, Cheese Plank, Homemade Ravioli, and also selections of steak. The place will suit you who want to have a romantic dinner with your beloved partner. The price here ranges from Rp250.000,- to Rp450.000,- per person, and it already includes drinks. But it depends on what menu you order. Because in here there is also a steak that costs Rp1.145.000,- per portion and wine for Rp9.900.000,- per bottle. If you plan to dine here and want to ask more detail about this place, just contact them through info and contact details column below!


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+6221 72792323

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