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Tasting the Korean Ice Cream at Yi.Kon Ice Cream

Tasting the Korean Ice Cream at Yi.Kon Ice Cream

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When you are strolling around malls in Jakarta, now there are plenty of ice cream spots that use alphabet-shaped cone, such as J, V, or U, that makes a new sensation of ice cream tasting! Well, do you know that Yi.Kon Ice Cream is the pioneer of cane ice cream style in Indonesia?

In their country of origin, South Korea, cane ice cream is called as jipangi which uses corn for the cone ingredients. Yi.Kon Ice Cream will be easy for you to find because the twist-shaped cone is hanged around the stall. It’s also easy to order this ice cream. You just have to choose the cone shape you want and pick the ice cream flavors of vanilla, chocolate, or green tea. Uniquely, because the alphabet J, V, and U have a corner by the two sides, so you can choose two flavors for each cone.

This ice cream stall had ever made a breakthrough in ice cream trend by presenting Seoul Tower Ice Cream menu, where you can taste taro ice cream with 32 cm tall. Wow! It’s like a literally ice cream tower! There is also Popoba Velvet Parfait which is an ice cream with flavor selections like red velvet or taro, served in an ice cream cup with various toppings such as fruit flakes, sweet popcorn, rainbow mochi, red velvet crumb, blue sea crumb, or black coral crumb.

Or if you want a usual ice cream cone, there is Christmas Tree Cone with the same flavor selections, served with two topping choices of red velvet crumb or blue sea crumb. This ice cream menu is decorated resembling a Christmas tree with additional topping fruit cereal around the ice cream and star-shaped cereal on top of the ice cream. All the menu you can have with the price starts from Rp22.000,- to Rp35.00,-. Have a delightful treat by Yi.Kon Ice Cream!


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