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Tasty Pangsit Goreng in Cengkareng going Viral on Social Media

By Eskanisa R

28 July 2020

Delicious, affordable yet quench your hunger.

Photo source: Pangsit Legino

You probably hear a lot about this viral pangsit goreng. Pangsit Le Gino (stir dumplings with vegetables) was capturing people attention even located on an alley. Pangsit Le Gino open from 5 to 12pm.
But, you can get your order immediately when you arrive at the place. You still have to wait to get into the long list to taste the most-talked-about pangsit goreng. To make pangsit goreng, Sugiono also known as Le Gino put dumplings into simmering water to get a very chewy texture before stir the cooked ones with other ingredients—eggs, shredded chicken, sprouts, caisim and spices. Le Gino also shredded chicken to fill dumplings.
He makes maximum 250 servings per day. Hence, he already had full booked order until July. In other words, if you want to taste this viral pangsit goreng, you need to patiently wait until August to join the pre-order, as stated in his Instagram account.
He also has other mouth-watering menu like kwetiau (fried flat rice noodle), bihun (rice vermicelli), mi tek-tek (stir fried noodle) and Fu Yung Hai all at very affordable prices from Rp12.000 – Rp20.000. 
Pangsit Le Gino itself established since 1993. Before he move to recent place, he opened small place at his own home. For eight years, he move to recent place which has larger dining area near his home, Jl KP Utan Bahagia RT 02/RW 04, East Cengkareng, West Jakarta to be exact.
To quench your curiosity of this viral pangsit goreng, you can join pre-order through Instagram or contact this following number.  

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Pangsit Le Gino
Jl KP Utan Bahagia RT 02/RW 04, Cengkareng Timur, Jakarta Barat 11730

More Information:

Phone: 081386957424