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Telaga Saat, a Hidden Paradise in Puncak Bogor

By Isny Dewi R

06 February 2020

Telaga Saat located in Gunung Kencana area which is flanked by tea plantations and green hills, with very beautiful view and cool air.

Even though it is always jammed, Puncak area, Bogor until now remains a favorite vacation destination for Jakartans. In addition to easy access and its location not too far from the capital, the cool air in Puncak and stunning natural scenery are the reasons why this area is always become a short escape for so many people.

One of the destinations that you should visit in Puncak, Bogor is Telaga Saat. This lake is located in North Tugu, Cisarua, not far from the popular Telaga Warna. Telaga Saat may not as popular as Telaga Warna, because its location is quite hidden. Even so, the natural beauty offered is no less amazing.

Telaga Saat has an area of ​​1,500 hectares. Located in Gunung Kencana area which is flanked by tea plantations and green hills, this tourist attraction in Puncak Bogor is very beautiful, with cool air. As the name implies, the main spot here is a lake. Telaga Saat with more than 10 meters depth has quite clear water.

Photo Credit: Instagram @shilah_11

The scenery is so beautiful and it’s worth capturing with your camera. For those who like OOTD or selfie photos, take pictures with Telaga Saat as the background certainly shouldn't miss. Especially now there are facilities that support visitors to take pictures.

If you like outdoor activities and want to feel a different sensation, you can also camp here. To visit Telaga Saat, you can pass Telaga Warna post first. From this post, it takes about 30 minutes to reach this hidden paradise.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @zaidatun.nisa

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