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Telemedicine Provides A Safe Way to Make Online Medical Consultations amid Coronavirus

By Eskanisa R

29 September 2020

This technology perform medical services virtually.

Photo source: SecurityRoundTable
Given the current situation, government urged the public to stay at home as the COVID-19 cases continues as well as those who need accessing heath care services. To avoid being exposed to this virus, public are asked to use telemedicine services instead of visiting hospital.

As reported from the official website of COVID-19 Handling Task Force, Telemedicine in Indonesia already has 12 digital health service companies under the provision of Indonesia Telemedicine Association including Telemedicine Indonesia (Temenin) developed by the Ministry of Health.
To achieve inexpensive online health care access, Telemedicine Indonesia (Temenin) focus on four main services including Radiology, Ultrasound, Electrocardiography and online consultation. There are 58 hospitals (central referral services) and 171 hospitals in Indonesia (12 provinces in 2019) have participated in this telemedicine service and all connected to one another.
Through this service, practice of caring for patients remotely when patient are not physically present with each other. Using video-conferencing tools, patients can see doctors for diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, this service designed to give patients common medical procedure for some conditions they can perform safely at home as well as give laboratory results.

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