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Telkom and Netflix Agree to Work Together

Telkom and Netflix Agree to Work Together


In the near future, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. (Telkom) will be opening over the top (OTT) video streaming service from USA, Netflix soon. The two companies will also signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Both parties have agreed to cooperate, while Netflix has agreed to obey with all regulations in Indonesia.

Previously, Netflix video streaming services present in Indonesia since early 2016.

Netflix is a service that allows its users to enable to watch their favorite program wherever, whenever, and any device used (smartphone, smart TV, tablet, pc, or laptop).

Netflix is similar with the DVD rental. The differences, Netflix offers digital movies in the virtual world, and at the same time it is also similar with video service system that YouTube offered.

Since January 2016, Telkom have blocked Netflix services so that users can’t access it from Telkom’s internet service, Indihome and Telkomsel. This action from Telkom caused streaming video service is considered not have legal permit, contains pornography, and violence elements.

In April 2016, Telkom with Iflix brings streaming film services onto Indonesia. But Telkom still not unblock Netflix’ services.

Telkom has announced that the blockage against Netflix can be opened. The requirement that the video provider must be willing to collaborate with Telkom for provision affairs of its service. They consider, Netflix come to Indonesia without ‘knocked the door’ first, and went with haste on the Telkom internet service. That is one of the reasons to blockage Netflix services.

On abroad, several large operators have been making Netflix willing to collaborate to maintain and balance its network. In Singapore, Netflix has been working with Starhub and SingTel.

Netflix service is acknowledged absorb so many quotas and lost network operators providers. To streaming film with high definition format every one single hour can absorb the quota data up to 3 GB.