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World Quality Towels from Indonesia

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
11, April 2016

Do you often found towels with Terry Palmer brand at a department store or the foremost supermarket? Many people thought this is an imported product. But, it turns out that Terry Palmer is an Indonesian brand. Also as one of the products produced by PT Indah Jaya, a textile company which established since 1962 in Tangerang.

The brand of Terry Palmer itself was born in 1996. The name of Palmer is taken from an abbreviation of the company’s first factory, which is in Palmerah, West Jakarta. As one of the towels that claimed as the most hygienic and clinical in the world, no wonder Terry Palmerhas already dominated 30% of Indonesia market.

At first, department stores in Indonesia refused to sell Terry Palmer in the stores. Because of that, Terry Palmer then created their own store. Well, now you can find more than 200 locations that sell Terry Palmer’s products!

The softness of the towel came from its material which is 100% combed cotton. The soft towel from Terry Palmer not only can be felt by Indonesian people but also internationals such as Australia, Japan, United States, and countries in Europe.

In a month, Terry Palmer can produce up to 1.300 tons of products. The key to success of Terry Palmer is on their terms of quality and design which already has a world standard. Starting from the chosen raw material and the latest technology production machines. Yup, they use the best Egyptian cotton as the raw material.

The towels also already have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification which means Terry Palmer already passed the test of hazardous materials, produced with environmental friendly operational process, and it’s safe to be used. Proud to be Indonesian!

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief