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Thai Dramas You Need for A Weekend Gateway

By Eskanisa R

15 October 2020

Cheap thing to do when you are bored this weekend.

Photo source: MyDramaList

Besides Korean dramas, Thai dramas also enjoyed by many people in this 2020. Here are best Thai dramas or Lakorn as good as the Korean ones we summarized from vary resources.

1. Girl Next Room
Released on March, this drama has 12 episodes tells story of four girls who live in a dorm owned by Mrs. Jam and his son, Sky. The dorm has very strict rules including boys not allowed in the girl’s dorm rooms. Regardless of how strict the rules, four love stories blooming here. There is Sundae who live at the dorm to avoid her ex-boyfriend, Mimi who trying to live independently, Duchess who makes other girls jealous about getting all she needs and View Viva, a superstar who falling in love with her own bodyguard after an incident. Watch Girl Next Room on GMMTV YouTube channel.

2. Who Are You?
Adapted from Korean drama, School (2015), this Thai drama tells story of Meen, a student trying to uncover mysterious death of his twin brother, Mind. Meen decided to live as Mind and find out Mind is the bullying victim. Who Are You? also available on GMMTV YouTube channel.

3. Oh My Boss
Last but not less exciting is Oh My Boss. This romantic drama tells story of Noomnim (Worranit Thawornwong) who finally get her dream job. When she decided to celebrate her success, she met handsome guy in a bar and spent the whole night with him. Unfortunately, the guy she met in a bar and spent with is her new boss in the office. But, the boss have no recall of Noomnim. Something bothering his mind when he decided to choose Noomnim as his new personal assistant. Does he love her? Watch this exciting romantic lakorn only on GMMTV YouTube channel.

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