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Heaven on Earth for Batik and Moslem Wear

Heaven on Earth for Batik and Moslem Wear

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Are you a hijaber (someone who wears hijab)? Or are you looking for batik? If so, you should visit Thamrin City! It is the center for Moslem wear and accessories. You can find many collections, starting from everyday wear, party wear, hijab, pashmina, and other accessories according to Islamic sharia law. The sellers here accept wholesale and single purchase, but if you buy wholesale you will surely get cheaper price. So, no wonder there are many other merchants shop here to resell the merchandise they bought at Thamrin City.

Not only that, on Monday and Thursday every week you can find Pasar Tasik. This is a morning market for Moslem wear. Starting from 4 am in the morning, the sellers display their merchandises such as hijab with more affordable price than the regular seller at Thamrin City. The Pasar Tasik which located on the 5th floor is ended on 00.00. It is called Pasar Tasik because the sellers came from Tasikmalaya, Bandung, and also Cicalengka.

Meanwhile for batik lovers, you can also find Pusat Batik Nusantara which sells batik starting from the raw fabric to ready to wear collection. The pattern comes from all over areas of the country. Many people come here to buy wedding uniform for the bride or groom’s family. The price might be cheaper than other shopping centers but you don’t have to doubt the quality. Starting from printed to written batik, traditional to modern clothing, all is available here!


Jl. Thamrin Boulevard (dahulu Kebon Kacang Raya), Waduk Melati, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia



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09.00 - 21.00 WIB