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The 5 Best Bubble Drinks in Jakarta

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16, April 2019

This kind of drink is not a new drink in Jakarta. Yes, the bubble drink has long been a favourite drink for many Jakartans, even today. Not without reason, the sweet taste and many choices of flavours, and the chewy bubble make its connoisseurs addicted. In Jakarta alone there are many bubble drink choices, but the most favourite ones are below.

1. KOI The
Starting in Taiwan in 2006, now its outlets have spread to various countries including Indonesia. In Jakarta, KOI The is spread in various Jakarta popular malls such as Central Park, Taman Anggrek, Grand Indonesia, Lippo Mall Puri, Gandaria City, and Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3 Ultimate.

For the drink options, KOI offers flavoured tea, tea latte, juice, chewy tea, milk tea, to signature macchiato. The toppings they have to offer also many. You can choose golden bubble, grass jelly, ice cream, konjac jelly, and aloe vera. For the cup, you can choose small, medium or hot sizes. There is also sugar level, to determine how sweet the drink you want.

The favourite here is Golden Bubble Tea. As the name implies, the drink is unique because it uses golden bubble. If usually boba or bubble is black, the bubble here is golden. The combination of creamy milk tea and golden bubble taste very delicious. Moreover, the bubble size is not too big, making it easy to drink.

KOI The Indonesia
Instagram: @koitheindonesia

2. Kamu Tea

Photo Source: @kamutea.id

The Thai drink outlet is famous for its cheese tea. Even so, Kamu Tea also offers bubble drink that is worth a try. There are a choice of fruit tea / fresh tea, milk tea & thai tea, coffee, and our favourite, Matcha. For those who don't like cheese tea, you can choose Shizuoka Matcha Milk Tea or Kamu Milk Tea with black pearl. You can find Kamu Tea at Grand Indonesia, Gandaria City, PIK Avenue, AEON Jakarta Garden City, Kota Kasablanka, and many more

Kamu Tea
Instagram: @kamutea.id

3. Chatime
Talking about bubble drink certainly cannot be separated from Chatime. The  bubble drink is arguably the pioneer of bubble drinks in Jakarta. The outlets in Indonesia have reached hundreds. There are many choices of bubble drinks they have to offer, ranging from milk tea, oriental pop tea, smoothies, coffee, to energetic healthy juice. Even more special because the bubble texture is chewy and the sweetness is just perfect. Here you can also request the sweetness level and how much ice you want in your cup.

Photo Source: @chatimeindo

Instagram: @chatimeindo

4. Fat Bubble
This one is first known for its dessert freshness. However, bubble drink here is also no less delicious. Some of bubble drinks you have to try here are Chocolate Oreo Smoothies that has perfect sweetness and won’t make your stomach feel bad. Or Taro Milk Tea with additional bubble which is super chewy. You can find Fat Bubble outlets in Tebet, Bintaro, Cibubur, Depok, and Bogor.

Photo Source: @fatbubble_ind

Fat Bubble
Instagram: @fatbubble_ind

5. Diagon Alley
This one is a bubble drink outlet that is being widely discussed on social media. Located at Central Park Mall, Diagon Alley currently only offers a number of bubble drink options including brown sugar series and milk tea series. By using quality ingredients, bobba (bubble) in Diagon Alley tastes softer with a distinctive taste. Make sure you drink it immediately no more than 30 minutes after it served to you.

Photo Source: @diagonalley.indonesia

Diagon Alley
Location: 1st Floor Central Park Mall, West Jakarta
Instagram: @diagonalley.indonesia

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Isny Dewi R.