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The 90’s Festival Will Presenting Tofu to MLTR

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01, November 2019

A music festival full of nostalgia is back in Jakarta. The 90's Festival will be held for the fifth time at Gambir Expo in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Promised to be more interesting, this event will be enlivened by the iconic performances of local and international musicians.

Different from previous years, The 90's Festival this year will last for two days, starting on November 23 to 24, 2019. Akselerasi Ent as a promoter revealed the reason for adding day, it’s because the audience's enthusiasm is so high compared to previous years.

Not surprisingly, this year The 90’s Festival is highly anticipated, because a number of well-known international musicians such as Hanson, Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR), Aqua, and Vertical Horizon will also participated in enlivening the event and entertaining 90s music fans who want to reminisce.

On the first day, The 90’s Festival is ready to present two international musicians, they are Hanson, and Aqua, as well as Indonesian musicians including KLA Project, God Bless, Naif, Jamrud, Potret, P Project, Tofu Reunion, Element Reunion, Powerslaves, M.E Voices, Adoria Feat Lingua, Warna, Wong Reunion, Purpose, Wayang, and S.L.A #Savelaguanak.

While on the second day, visitors can watch Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR), and Vertical Horizon for the international musicians. While from local musicians row, there are Sheila On 7, GIGI, Vina Panduwinata, Dr. PM Reunion, Tipe-X, Fariz RM, Arwana, Iwa K, Bunglon, U’Camp Reunion, MLD feat Humanian, Sweet Martabak, D.O.T, 7Kurcaci, Jingga, and Cherry Bombshell.

For tickets, you can buy it on Traveloka or The 90's Festival's official website, with prices starting from Rp747.500 for Festival Presale, Rp1.150.000 for Festival Presale 2 Day Pass, Rp1.667.500 for Superfestival Presale 2 - Saturday Pass, Rp1.897.500 for Superfestival Presale 2 - Sunday Pass, and Rp2.702.500 for Superfestival Presale 2 Day Pass.

In addition, what distinguishes Festival and Superfestival audiences is that Superfestival ticket holders can enter tha area through a special gate so they don't have to queue for long.



Top Photo Source: Instagram @the90sfestival

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.