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The Antiquities Charm at Jalan Surabaya

The Antiquities Charm at Jalan Surabaya


In the middle of elite residential area of Menteng, there is a row of shops that sell antiquities at Jl. Surabaya. Don’t be surprised if you find odd things here such as a vintage turntable, antique display, rotary phone, and many others. At the beginning, the sellers here only sell secondhand household goods. Until in 1975, the sellers started to make stalls with poles and tarpaulin. And then since 1988, the shops are made permanently just like the current condition.  

Right now there are approximately 150 sellers here at Jl. Surabaya. You can also find the luggage market where they offer bags and suitcases with many sizes and shapes from local and international made. Walking through this street, you will see many international tourists because this street is known with its charm for international tourists.

The stuff here don’t have fixed price, so you have to smart on bargaining. It is located near the Cikini Station, so you can take the commuter line to get here. Or, you can also take Transjakarta bus and get off at the Pasar Rumput stop and continue taking the bajaj or the ojek (motorcycle taxi). Happy hunting antiques goods!


Jl. Surabaya, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia