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The Beautiful of RPTRA Kamal Bahari in the North of Jakarta

By Isny Dewi R

11 March 2019

RPTRA Kamal Bahari, a new park in North Jakarta.

Jakarta has more green open space today, including in Penjaringan region, North Jakarta. Precisely in Kamal Muara Sub-District, recently opened the Kamal Bahari Child Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA). The park was established on an area belonging to Dinas KPKP covering a ​​1,000 square meters area.

As its name, at RPTRA Kamal Bahari kids can play as free as they want. There is a kid's playground complete with some games. Many parents bring their kids to play and have fun here.

There are also a spot for those who love taking photos or selfies, such as Taman Hatinya PKK decorated with hanging umbrellas and lanterns on it, colorful pedestrian and walls in the garden area with mural decorations and colorful ornaments. Not infrequently, this place is also used as a location for prewedding photo session.

Photo Source: @kominfotik_ju

RPTRA Kamal Bahari is not just a park. Inside this place, you can also find a hydroponic garden with various types of plants, nutrition pool, library, and PKK Mart. This park can also be used for various PKK activities.

RPTRA Kamal Bahari can not only be enjoyed by people in North Jakarta, but also for those who live in West Jakarta even Tangerang. The green open space location is iin the border area between North Jakarta, West Jakarta and Tangerang.

Instagram: @kominfotik_ju

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RPTRA Kamal Bahari
Jl. Kapuk Kamal No.38, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara